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About Us


Late Night Chats


Be Kind Apparel wasn’t just born overnight. In a lot of ways we’d

been working on it for years but didn’t realise. It was only when

we went into lockdown in Ireland in 2021 that the idea started to

grow legs. My brother and I were at home in Cork, watching one

bad news story after another, unable to walk further than 5 Kilometres

from our home.


That particular night we had one of those late night

conversations (best chats are always late at night, right?) and

somehow we got onto talking about Kindness. It’s incredible

how simple, yet effective, being kind to a person can actually

be and what it can do for their mental health when someone

shows a little kindness to them.


When you stripped it all back it was a very simple concept, ‘Kindness’ how do we create more kindness or highlight the kindness that already exists around us.

We wondered if there was something we could do to encourage

awareness of this very simple idea and thought a clothing brand

might be a fun way to deliver this message. We quickly partnered

with a local supplier in Cork, and after many, many late nights,

designing logos and products we settled on the designs

you see before you today. It’s been a long, exciting journey thus far,

but were only getting started, so now it’s your turn to get involved.


Paying it Forward

We understand that change starts with us which

is why in addition to spreading the message of

kindness, we are excited to donate 5 percent of

all profits to local Charities.

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